Townlands in the Parish of Forkill 1821 Census

Aughadanove Aughenduff Ballykeel Carrickasticken Carrickildreen Carricknagavanagh Carriff Cashell Clarkill Cloughwhinney Doctors Quarter Latbirged Levelamore Lisnalee Longfield Moffoner Mullaghbawn Shanrow Shean Sleavegullion Tiffcrom Tullymacrieve


Arbuthnot, Babe Bairy Bal Balmer Begly Belew Bennet Black Bleakly Boyd Boyland Boyle Boylen Brennan Brennon Bruce Burke Burns Byrnes Byrns Ca Cacy Caghy Cagly Cails Cain Callaghan Callan Campbell Carberry Carmon Carne Carr Carroll Cassidy Caughy Caulfield Cavanagh Cavern

CharitySchHouse No. of Male Scholars attending daily 30 No. of Females attending daily 20. Schoolhouse Belonging to Trustees fo the Forkil Est Erected A.D1821 No.of Males & Female Children attending 140 Daily.

Christy Collans Collaus Conlon Conly Connigan Connolly Conroy Cooley Corrigan Coskery Cossgrove Coulon Coulter Couly Couroy Cowan Coyle Crawley Crawly Cregan Crilly Cu Cummingham Dagey Daily Daly Dawson Dean Deery Deighan Deleny Devitte Dick Dickins Dickson Digny Donaghy Donly Douly Duff Duffy Dunn Dunnan Farmer Farrall Farrel Farrell Feagan Feaghan Fearn Feighan Fenton Ferguson Ferrall Ferris Forde Freeland Gaghar Galey Gallagher Gantlary Garland Garrity Gartland Gartlary Garvey Gaulany Geunnings Gilland Gogan Gollogly Gracy Grafton Grant Greer Gregan/Grogan Gregory Griffin Grogan Groogan Hagan Haghen Halfpenny Hamill Hanlon Hanratty Healy Hearty Heeney Hencry Henery? Henry Herty Higginson Holliwood Hollywood Hughes Humphry Jackson Jeffers Jinkinson Johnston Jourdan Kearney Kearns Keely Keenan Keernon Keeron Kelly Kennedy Kerly Kerney Killins King Kinnigan Lamb Laoe Lappen Lappin Larkin Lawless Leadly Lee Leery Lennon Leslie Little Lock Locke Lockout Loocke Looe Loughran Louth Loy Loyns Mac Maniss Macken Macoy Magee Magill Magin Maginne Maginnis Magloughland Maguigan Maguill Maguire Magurk Malen Malhohn Martin Mathews Matin Mc Aleavy Mc Anally Mc Anearny Mc Ardle Mc Avoy Mc Canely Mc Cann Mc Caragher Mc Carroll Mc Cereish Mc Ceresh Mc Clatchy Mc Clean Mc Clore Mc Collen Mc Convile Mc Conville Mc Conwell Mc Cormick Mc Court Mc Coy Maloy? Mc Creish Mc Crink Mc Cummiskey Mc Dermotte Mc Donald Mc Donell Mc Donnell Mc Eldrew Mc Eleavy Mc Elroy Mc Entaggart Mc Evoy Mc Gaghan Mc Gee Mc Geough Mc Gile Mc Gimis Mc Ginny Mc Givern Mc Glade Mc Gleade Mc Glee Mc Gough Mc Gowan Mc Grath Mc Guigan Mc Guinniss Mc Ilroy Mc Iver Mc Kee Mc Kenna Mc Keown Mc Kinly Mc Loughland Mc Mahon Mc Maness Mc Nally Mc Namee Mc Neal Mc Neale Mc Neill Mc Parland Mc Quillan Mc Shane Mc Sherry Mc Teague Mc Varry Mc Vavry Mc Veigh Mc Wherter McKeown Mealon Meehan Moan Monaghan Montgomery Mooney Morgan Morrow Muckian Mulahan Mulholm Mullan Mullen Murchan Murdock Murphy Murry Murtha Neal Nugent O'Brien O'Hare O'Haviland O'Hear O'Neill Pyar Quigly Quillan Quillin Quiln Quinn Ranson Raverty Reed Rice Robinson Ronnaghan Ronnigan Rooney Ross Sanders Seale Sheals Shevelan Shevelin Shevlan Shields Shurkill Small Smith Smyth Stanley Stanly Stringer Tiernan Tierny Tirnan Tirnon Toal Tole Tommany Toner Toole Tuft Ward Ware Watee Waters White Wilson Woods Wright


Bailson Begley Blackart Bonnigan Boy Branigan Bridget Byrne Caey Caghay Calaghan Caragher Carney Colethorpe Colligan Collins Colon Colvin Craven Cravin Crickard Crisigan Cristy Crommey Crosswell Cuinningham Davis Dealy Deigh Devilen Devlin Dolachan Dollachan Donoughy Donnelly Dougall Downey Doyle Eakins Edgar Feggy Finnigan Flood Foster Freenan Gailany Gargen Garretty Gartlany Gass Gilnreadth Gollegan Graham Gregory Groogan Hanraty Havery Haely Heany Hill Hughs Jurden Keenon Keeran Kirk Larken Laville Leaghy Leanaghan Leary Lesteer Lockait Louther Lowney Mackan Mackin Mackian Mackien Malholm Matten Mealaen Mooney Moore Morris Mulligan Myers Mc Alister Mc Analty Mc Anerny Mc Atee Mc Cartny Mc Ceay Mc Clatchy Mc Coleen Mc Creesh Mc Creish Mc Eldree Mc Galey Mc Gaughy Mc Ginng Mc Ginnity Mc Go Mc Govern Mc Guire Mc Kay Mc Leadon Mc Manus Mc Naville Mc Neville Mc Quaid Mc Vary O'Havilan Parks Patterson Queen Reilly Roach Rogers Rourke Rynes Savage Sheenanson Shevlin Short Snow Stephenson Tiernon Toole Traynor Treanor Troy

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